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I am Jeffrey D. Wilson, Founder & CEO. It has always been my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. I have been wanting to start a T-shirt and apparel business for a very long time, but I did not have the knowledge or even the skills to design a web site. I was homeless, hungry and feeling down. I said, let me get myself up and learn something, it's the 21st Century, knowledge is all over the Internet. I started reading books and watching YouTube videos, (which helped very nicely) and started dabbling here and there. Finally, I said, I am going to do this and become successful. Each day, I learned more and more and I became comfortable in what I was doing. I exceeded beyond my expectations, my confidence grew and now my mindset is that I can do anything with perseverance.

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We’re utilizing DIGISOFT™ technology to bring you the most vibrant, durable, & versatile on-demand prints the industry has ever seen. DIGISOFT™ technology blends the streamlined manufacturing power of Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing with the visual appeal & durability of Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing. It is a print method engineered to solve the deficiencies of today’s most common print methods, it is a difference you can see & feel.

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